Read the results: State of data analytics usage in internal audit

This survey, the first from the Audit Analytics Institute, asked a wide range of questions. Some inquired about the extent and ways in which analytics are being applied by audit teams. Others delved in some depth into the processes, standards and structures that audit teams have implemented – or, in many cases, not yet implemented – in order to achieve a sustained and well-managed data analytics program.

The results themselves were very interesting, showing the very substantial progress that some teams have made in driving forward with analytics as a fully integrated component of audit strategy. They also highlighted the areas in which teams are still facing challenges in moving forward.

Most gratifying was the extent of response by auditors in a wide range of organizations, with positions ranging from CAE to data specialist, based across multiple continents. We are very appreciative of the time and effort that individuals made into providing their responses.

The full 20 page report can be accessed and downloaded through our most recent blog posting, at the link below. (Please note that you will need to login or signup to access this page.)

Access the AAI’s 2020 Audit Analytics Survey Report

Many of the topics addressed through questions in the survey are also coverred in-depth in our self-study course “How to Implement a Highly Effective Audit Analytics Program” (2 hours CPE). For those of you who may be in teams that are struggling to make progress, or have colleagues in this position, we believe you will find the course content to be valuable. We are currently offering enrollment in this online course at a 50% discount.

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How to Implement a Highly Effective Audit Analytics Program